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Why Are Girls Less Likely to Be Autistic?

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Boys are 4 to 5 times likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls are. Why? Maybe because of their camouflaged symptoms? Or maybe because her biology (by nature) protects her from developing autism? Researchers always wondered. A new study lead by researchers at Harvard Medical School supports the idea of a “female protective effect“.

A Brain Marker of Autism Risk is Flagged by Ultrasound

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At Mitchigan State University, researchers have found that newborns with low-birth weight are seven times more likely to be diagnosed with autism later in childhood, if ultrasound right after birth showed enlarged ventricles (brain cavities holding spinal fluid). This finding may lead to early detection of autism. The early detection will allow early intervention before

Ask Temple Grandin on Monday’s Show March 4, 2013

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You may submit your questions to Temple Grandin durning the INTERACTIVE show on autism-live.com on Monday, March 4, 2013. Mark the date. Read more about the show here: autism-tips.com/?p=1668 nadia shanab

Temple Grandin to Appear in A Show March 4

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Temple Grandin, the most famous and accomplished autistic adult of our time, will appear in the interactive show: autism-live.com on March 4 th. Please mark the date. To find more details about the show click here: news.yahoo.com/celebrated-author-temple-grandin-appear-autism-live-com-231631419.html Also read my article: autism-tips.com/?p=257 nadia shanab

Autism Shares Genetic Features With Psychiatric Disorders

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Autism, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder and schizophrenia, have in common variations in two genes. The two genes are involved in the balance of calcium in brain cells. This finding opens up an important new approach to drug treatment for these conditions and diseases. It is believed that the calcium

Behavioral Therapy Can Impact Brain Function

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PRT (Pivotal Response Therapy) has shown a remarkable positive change in social behavior. A research including UCSB graduate student discovered a positive change in the brain activity of autistic children after receiving behavior therapy. fMRI (funcional Magnetic Reasonance Imagaing) at Yale University’s Child Study Center measured the impact of PRT pioneered by UCSB on both:

Folic Acid and Autism

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A new study from Norway claims that women who took Folic acid before and in the beginning of their pregnancy are less likely to have children with autism. Lack of Folic acid has also been tied to brain and spinal cord birth defects. Dr. Pal Suren from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in Oslo, who led the research

Future Blood Test for Accurate Diagnosis

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Test Detects: Panel of Proteins “Researchers found 55 genes that produce factors that differ in autistic people from nonautistic; that trial detected autism with 70% accuracy.” In the near future a blood test will allow a more accurate and cheaper way to diagnose autism. Source: Time magazine, February 11, 2013, Page 18, Health and Science nadia

Maternal Obesity, Diabetes, and Hypertention Associated with Autism

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting

An important research ran by UC Davis MIND Institute researchers found a link between maternal diabetes and children born with ASD and other developmental disorders. Mothers who were obese are 67% more likely to have children with ASD as the normal-weighted mothers withe no diabetes or hypertention, and more than twice to have a child