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Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) Will Be Replaced by Social Communication Disorder(SCD)

By tamer | autism, general advice, parenting

In the proposed Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) scheduled for publication in May 2013 (American Psychatric Association), Autism Spectrum Disorder has 2 core symptoms: social communication issues and fixated interests/repetitive behavior. This would make ASD an umbrella term that covers several different type of symptoms. Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) will be removed and

Reward and Punishment, Agree or Disagree?

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting

There are three different schools of thought regarding this matter. One category of people considers reward and punishment a futile short-term regimen to coach children. They argue that this system fails because it doesn’t teach children good habits, nor puts an end to bad behavior in the long term. This perspective presumes that the effectiveness

Morgan Autism Center, a Place for Hope!

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting

What a marvelous event! The Morgan Autism Center http://morgancenter.org has organized and held an amazingly powerful, educational, informative, and heartening conference on September 22 at Santa Clara University, California. The Morgan Autism Center is located in San Jose, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, and caters to approximately 100 students with special needs. It is

A Useful Organizational Tool, “On-Task On-Time”

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting

A mother with four kids (a triplets plus one) came up with a great invention that helped her have a more peaceful and disciplined life. She created a special timer-like device with 3 different routines to keep the kids “on-task on-time”. She had several parents of children with autism who have had success with her

Back–to-School! Is Your Child with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) Ready?

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting

Soon classrooms will open their doors to welcome their new and returning students. One of the most common traits of autism is the love for sameness and rigidity. Individuals with autism fear changing their routine and experiencing new situations. The outcome of a new experience is unpredictable. Routine activities, on the other hand is guaranteed

A Tip for Easier Transitions

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting

Rigidity and intolerance is one of the autism most common traits. Sometimes it is hard for children with autism to switch from one activity to another. Children with autism usually have OCD’s (Obssessive Compulsive Disorders) that are very hard to fight or eleminate. So, while they are so focused and “obsessed” with a task at

Sing to Improve Speech

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting

This is a technique that I learned about just by trying. A student with very little speech demonstrated a very short attention span for regular work (Math and Language Arts). But I noticed that he showed a lot of interest in the Music class, and was able to focus and stay on task for almost the

Teach Flexibility

Teach Flexibility

By Nadia Shanab | autism, general advice, parenting, tips

One of the most characteristic traits of autism is rigidity, inflexibility, love for sameness and repetitive behavior. Why? Because it is easier to redo something than do something new. Even neurotypical people have a hard time making changes in their lives. It is easier to keep a routine. Change always comes with some effort. Tips